Thursday, June 20, 2013

Being Green Starts with Waterborne Paint

By painting every car through the doors with PPG’s waterborne Envirobase® High Performance paint, Mike’s Auto Body is a green business and proud of it. Mandated in California, waterborne paint is a healthier alternative to solvent-based paints, because it is safer for both the environment and for the company’s painters that apply the paint. Mike's Auto Body’s Head Painter at their Brentwood location, Kevin Cordua, gives PPG very positive reviews after being introduced to the product several years ago and now it’s big part of his professional life.

If you’re not familiar with waterborne paint, it’s a high solids product where water is the carrier of the color instead of solvents. Waterborne paint is cleaner and generates 25 percent less pollution emissions than that of solvent paint. Most vehicle manufacturers have, or are moving to, waterborne paint systems and there’s a very good chance that your car was originally painted with waterborne paint.

Mike’s Auto Body uses PPG’s waterborne paint because it is a better, safer product that reduces environmental impact and allows the company to efficiently match automotive factory colors on each and every car. Waterborne paint does cost a little more and requires strict process compliance, but if it’s better for the environment, it’s definitely a major win-win for Mike’s Auto Body and its customers throughout the Bay Area. 

Kevin Cordua (shown above painting a vehicle) is the head painter at Mike’s Auto Body's Brentwood location and has been painting cars in both waterborne and solvent paint for 30 years. He fully appreciates the green quality of waterborne paint and likes working with PPG’s Envirobase® High Performance paint for all the right reasons.

“By using less product, it’s better for the environment and we appreciate the quality of the finished product,” Cordua explained. “We’re able to save time over the solvent too, because the waterborne paint dries faster and we can get better coverage more rapidly as well.”

With 11 locations, Mike’s Auto Body paints approximately 1,500 vehicles  monthly, so Cordua knows his paint has to perform perfectly each and every time. “There hasn’t been a drop-off in production or quality since we changed to waterborne paint, and that’s important,” Cordua said. “Because, we want to be green, but we also need to do exceptional work, and the PPG waterborne Envirobase® High Performance paint enables us to do that.”

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