Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let’s Meet Our New Blogger

We recently signed on with a new blogger who will also be helping us at Mike’s Auto Body with marketing chores, social media and the Internet.  Ed Attanasio, age 50, is a freelance writer, advertising copywriter and automotive journalist with more than 30 years of experience. He is an editorial contributor for Autobody News covering the collision industry in northern California and also writes a monthly column about social media and marketing for body shops.  Ed talks to collision repairers about how to use the Internet and social media to build their businesses and attain new customers.
He’s pleased to be working with the team at Mike’s Auto Body and looks forward to watching the company grow. “Mike’s Auto Body is one of the top MSO’s (Multiple Shop Operations) in the country right now,” Attanasio said. “Mike Rose and his family have taken a very successful business model and emulated it 11 times. By embracing new repair techniques, tools and training, Mike’s Auto Body is a leader in the collision industry in the Bay Area.”

Attanasio has been writing about Mike’s Auto Body’s Benevolence Car Giveaway Program since 2005 for several automotive publications, including Parts & People and Autobody News, he explained. “Mike’s Auto Body is a leader when it comes to doing charity work here in the Bay Area and every year they give away cars to deserving people. It’s something I personally believe in, and that’s why I’m so excited to be working with the Rose Family.”

When Ed isn’t working, he enjoys watching baseball and football, photography, art and reading. He lives in San Francisco, CA with his wife Simone and his two dogs—Fat Freddy and Gracie. He was a stand-up comic for 15 years and performed with Dana Carvey, Sinbad, Rob Schneider and Ton Kinney, the voice of Sponge Bob.   


  1. Congratulations to your success Mike,. and Steve Kelly who I had grown up with in high school and remember him working in the first Mike's Auto Body in Concord off Detroit Ave. Steve had painted my 10 speed bike frame (pearl white with green cob webbing) and my 67' Grand Prix (baby blue with straight pearl his first pearl job) in his parents garage. 1972/73 ... Mike Smith

  2. Thanks Mike, I will make sure to tell Mr. Kelly that you said hello.

  3. Way to go Mike!