Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Joe Scholtes at KUIC in Vacaville Tells His Story

Joe Scholtes (left) and Darren Maltbie, manager at the Mike's Auto Body in Fairfield inspect Joe's 2010 Grand Caravan and it looks spectacular, returned to better than before, according to Joe.
MAB: We’re here at Mike’s Auto Body in Fairfield and talking to Joe Scholtes. He’s been an account executive at KUIC Radio for 28 years now. Tell us a little bit about the accident and how it worked out?
JS: Well, my wife was in an accident, a little fender bender in a parking lot. It knocked off the front fender of our 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. And this is actually the second time we’ve been to Mike’s Auto Body. Kind of same thing, a little fender bender a year ago and that experience was really great, just like this experience.

MAB:  So whenever an accident happens, whether it’s your fault or not, it’s something you have to add to your busy week. So tell us how they made it easy for the repair at Mike’s Auto Body?

JS:  We met manager Darren at the Fairfield location at Mike’s Auto Body and he took the time to kind of walk us through it and looked around and suggested what we would need and it was very easy and hassle-free and seamless and what was wonderful is that it came back to us a day early. They actually…  the turnaround time was two and a half days. We were just shocked at how quickly and perfectly it came back.
MAB: And so your wife was back on the road rather quickly?

JS:  Yes, she was very happy and it came back better than before.  There was some motorcycle on a freeway, and it kind of rubbed up against the white van and put a black mark on one of the side panels and Mike’s Auto Body actually buffed that out for us at no extra charge, so yeah it came back better than before.

MAB:  So we’re hoping that your wife doesn’t get into another accident but if she does I imagine you will take the car again to Mike’s Auto Body?
JS:  Yes, I highly recommend Mike’s Auto Body, the service was very professional and they really are a top-notch company. I just can’t say enough good things about Mike’s Auto Body!

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