Friday, November 22, 2013

Mike's Auto Body and Vintage Valley Blue Star Moms Partner for Fairfield's Veteran's Day Parade

On November 11, Mike’s Auto Body participated in the City of Fairfield’s annual Veteran’s Day Parade, celebrating our nation’s heroes and showing their ongoing support of the Vintage Valley Blue Star Moms. With representatives from both organizations walking the parade route with banners and a flat bed truck displaying a box sculpture commemorating Mike’s Auto Body’s commitment to helping the Blue Star Moms and their care package program, it was a beautiful day as bands, local leaders, classic cars and motorcycles galore participated in the parade.

Nikki Anderson, president of the Vintage Valley Blue Star Moms explained what the organization does and the role it plays in Fairfield. “We are moms that have come together to support each other,” Anderson said.  “We are moms that currently have or have had in the past children serving our country in the military. We provide support for deployed troops by sending them care packages, letters and cards and providing a little love from home, which is so important. We also lend support to their families while they are away protecting and fighting for our freedom. We are huge promoters of patriotism and that’s why we always assist in veterans’ organizations, and we visit with the wounded warriors that come through Travis AFB, sometimes weekly. It is our mission to serve those who have served and that’s why our hearts are on the line until they all come home! We are moms who aren’t afraid to make a difference.”

How did Mike Rose’s Auto Body partner with and support the Vintage Valley Blue Star Moms? “They contacted us to work with them on the Veterans Day Parade to support our veterans past and present,” Anderson said.  “Mike’s Auto Body is a huge supporter of our troops and our community. They will be helping us with donations to fill boxes to send in our next packing to our deployed men and women on an on-going basis and we’re so proud of everything they do.”   

Margaret Manzo is the Executive Director of the Fairfield Main Street Association, the organization that annually organizes the city’s Veteran’s Day Parade. “Our parade was a huge success this year,” Manzo said. “It ran eight city blocks and we estimate that 4,000 people were there to experience this great event. Mike's Auto Body’s sponsored our parade last year and they’ve offered us volunteers when we’ve needed them. They want to active members of the community here and they’ve been really supportive. We’re an Air Force town here in Fairfield and that’s who we are. There are 106,000 people here in Fairfield, but we still have a small town atmosphere where everybody seems to know and support each other.”

Sal Contreras, the Marketing and Sales manager for Mike’s Auto Body has been instrumental in reaching out to the Vintage Valley Blue Star Moms and the Fairfield Main Street Association. “This year, we wanted to create awareness for the Vintage Valley Blue Star Moms and the care package program we’ve been doing with them,” Contreras explained. “Each one of our 11 locations has been assembling care packages to be sent to deployed troops. We’ve got a list with almost 100 items on there—from snacks to clothing and anything else that can comfort the soldiers as they’re away from home and out there defending our country. This is the kind of community work we really enjoy doing here at Mike’s Auto Body.”   

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