Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When Mike’s Auto Body Helps St. John the Baptist--It's a Slam Dunk!

During these uncertain economic times, many companies are cutting back on charity donations, but not at Mike’s Auto Body, with 12 locations in the Bay Area. In fact, this 42-year-old, family-owned collision repair company is stepping up its philanthropy, because they strongly believe in giving back to the communities in which they do business.

          This became more evident recently when Mike’s Auto Body reached out to one of its neighbors and came through with a timely and much-needed donation for the St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Napa, CA.

          Peter Bizaca, a marketing coordinator at Mike’s Auto Body tells the story behind the school’s latest donation. “We always try to be a good neighbor in every city where we have a location,” Bizaca explained. “The Rose family is all about giving back to the community, so we’re always looking for ways to help schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, families in need and other organizations. I first met with Father Mora, the pastor at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church to bounce around some ideas about a donation for the school and then I met with Nancy Jordan, the principal there, and asked them what they really needed. Pretty soon, the topic of portable basketball hoops came up, so we gave it a shot.”
Until now, the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams at St. John the Baptist Catholic School (5th through 8th grades) were unable to practice or play any games in their parish hall. They had to rent other off-site facilities or play on the road, but now thanks to Mike’s Auto Body, the teams can play at home in front of their friends and families.

          Bizaca and all the people at Mike’s Auto Body were thrilled to donate four portable basketball hoops and balls to the school. “This is one part of the job I really love,” Bizaca said. “Now the teams can practice and play their games right here on their campus, without traveling or finding other facilities and that’s the way it should be. At Mike’s Auto Body, we do philanthropy year-round and we do it from the heart. Hopefully at St. John the Baptist Catholic School they will be using these hoops and balls for many years to come!”

Prinicpal Nancy Jordan (at left with the Roses) was obviously thrilled by the donation and described how it will change the school’s athletic program, she said. “St. John the Baptist Catholic School and Church would like to thank Mike's Auto Body on their generous gift of four basketball hoops and basketballs. Students are now about to practice in their own indoor space and our physical education programs have been enhanced. Mike's Auto Body clearly cares about their community and seeks opportunities to support, grow and partner within their neighborhood. Research demonstrates the physical health of children is as critically important as development of the mind. Mike's Auto Body supports ‘whole-child’ formation by their gift. Their kindness demonstrates an active commitment to strengthening the Napa community."

"We finally get to play basketball in our hall!" - St. John the Baptist Catholic School 5th grader

"I have waited all the years I've been here to see this!" - St. John the Baptist Catholic School 8th grader

"Mike's Auto Body is really nice!" - St. John the Baptist Catholic School 6th grader


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